It was in 1996 that I, Dan Slater, began coaching as a source of income to help fund my Olympic Campaign. I branded my newly formed “company” High Performance Sailing. I have coached and still coach sailors from all around the world at all levels. I am amongst only a few other Professional Coaches, who coach while still competing at the highest level in the sport.

Recently, High Performance Sailing has become a boat dealership for both the Laser Class and the VSR Chase Boats, in New Zealand and Internationally.

I still provide coaching at all levels in any class in both NZ and round the world.  I do as much of the coaching as I can myself, but can also organize and supply other coaches for class Clinics or Club coaching with larger groups.

Another aspect of High Performance Sailing is the Professional Sailing that I do. I have a huge amount of experience and have been the Helmsman, Tactician, and Mainsheet trimmer in many classes both big and small.

High Performance Sailing aims to provide the best professional coaching to sailors, as well as an experienced sailor to join your crew. High Performance Sailing’s intention is to sell the highest quality boats, which would enable sailors and coaches to perform to their best.